12/02/17: Santana Garrett vs Mila Naniki

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Shoot Date: December 2, 2017

Match Length: 7-10 minutes

Referee: No Preference

Attire: Santana wearing black pants, any top, Mila wearing wrestling gear and boots

Brief Outline: Santana wants to postpone her match with Mila due to serious left foot injury, Mila goes furious and stomps Santana's injured foot, starting a vicious assault, including many ankle twists, eventually removing her boots, biting, ringpost twists, hitting the injured foot multiple times with a chair, the boots, and tries to induce pain by pins, Santana is screaming and tapping after everything mentioned, then Mila does the killer submission hold, leg bar + ankle twist, that finds Santana in continuous agony till someone comes to the rescue.

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