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040: Adrianna vs Heidi Lovelace

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Runtime: 10 min

040- Adrianna vs Heidi Lovelace:

Here is another debut match for our third new wrestler at the same shoot, Adrianna “The Naughty One”. Adrianna squares off against another one of her newcomers Heidi Lovelace. Adrianna is able to use her size advantage to gain the early edge on Heidi hitting her with a big body slam, a boston crab and a suplex, as she shows off her skills and talents that are going to make her a mainstay here at NEFW. However Heidi is able to valiantly battle back and through Adrianna outside of the ring where the action continues. Both girls trade blows with each other, slamming each other into the ring apron and posts, before they both get back in the ring. One girl pulls away as she nails a big body slam on her opponent, and then locks in a tight body scissors/sleeper hold combo, that eventually puts the other girl to sleep.