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069: Brittney Savage vs Sienna DuVall

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Runtime: 10 min

069- Brittney Savage vs Sienna DuVall:

Brittney and Sienna face off again, as Brittney tries to gain some redemption from their first matchup earlier in the day. But Sienna has other thoughts, as she uses the lack of a referee to her advantage and focuses her attack on Brittney’s platinum blonde locks. Sienna manages to get a grip and pull on Brittney’s hair any chance she can, whether it be in the ropes, in the corner, or on the mat. Sienna does mix up some legal wrestling maneuvers though too, including a stomach claw, camel clutch, boston crab, surfboard, and suplex. The onslaught is eventually too much for Brittney though, as she is forced to submit before she ever even had a chance in this match.

**photo credit: Evan Arnow**