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086: Barbi Hayden vs Little Jeanne

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Runtime: 16 min

086- Barbi Hayden vs Little Jeanne:

Jeanne is looking to get back on the winning track after her last match, and this time faces off against Barbi Hayden who is still looking to make a name for herself in the NEFW ranks. This match is a classic example of good technical back and forth wrestling action between two very talented ladies. The girls use moves like scissors, suplexes, body slams, surfboard, leg locks, boston crabs, bow and arrows, figure fours and more, to try and gain and keep the momentum to take the other out. The match really does go back and forth, and it isn’t until a belly to back suplex takes one girl down for long enough to pick up the 3 count. A fantastic matchup between two great lady wrestlers.