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095: Jewells Malone vs Sammi Lane

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Runtime: 20 min

095- Jewells Malone vs Sammi Lane:

This 20 minute battle features Jewells Malone and Sammi Lane in a no dq, falls count anywhere, last woman standing match. A winner can only be declared after her opponent fails to get back to her feet after a 10 count, following a pin fall. The girls end up exchanging several pins back and forth inside and outside of the ring, as the action is intense and brutal. Outside of the ring both girls employ the use of foreign objects, including steel chairs, the ring post and apron, and a nearby steel guardrail. The girls also use the tape on their own hands to try and choke their opponent out. This match is an instant classic, with both girls giving it their all to be the one left standing with her hand raised in victory. This match is an absolute must see!