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168: Candice LeRae vs Saturyne

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Runtime: 10 min

168- Candice LeRae vs Saturyne :

Candice certainly had a very busy debut day for us over the weekend, as she squares off again in this match with NEFW's resident masked wrestler, Saturyne. The girls show a great display of technical wrestling at the start of this match, as they trade holds back and forth looking to gain an early advantage. Saturyne is able to get the early momentum though, after a slightly less than legal tactic gives her the edge. She takes over from there working Candice over in the corners, locking her in submission holds like a camel clutch and sleeper hold. Saturyne is in control for much of the match, but Candice does find enough energy to attempt a comeback in the later stages of the match. But by that time, will it be enough to overcome her slow start? Or will Saturyne regain control all the way to a victory?