588: Jennifer Thomas vs Thunder Rosa
Thunder Rosa seems unimpressed with Jen showing off her muscles and how strong she thinks she is. So the girls lock up in a test of strength to start this match to find out who really is stronger. Jen has the upper hand, but Rosa breaks the hold with a knee to Jen’s exposed abs and works over Jen in the corner with kicks, shoulder blocks and punches to her abs. Jen fights back but Rosa continues to pour it on with full nelsons, body scissors, fish hooks, surfboards and more. Jen gains control with multiple body slams showing off her superior strength, and continues to dominate Rosa with multiple otk back breakers and stretches. She finally locks on a deadly bearhug that drains the life out of Rosa and knocks her out cold for the win.

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 07:35
Filesize: 223 MB
Format: wmv