589: Allie Parker vs Holidead
Allie Parker steps into the ring to take on another debuting west coast grappler, Holidead. Allie surprised Holidead early on by proving to be very elusive, slipping out of her lock up attempts, and continually kicking Holidead in the rear. You can tell Holidead is getting frustrated as Allie seems to be having a ball. She gets Hoildead into the corner and gives her a stinkface, humiliating Holidead even more. But Allie takes too much time to gloat about herself, allowing Holidead to get up and grab her tights from behind giving Allie a huge wedgie, and then dropping Allie over her knee with an atomic drop. And she returns the favor giving Allie a stinkface of her own. After some more back and forth, Holidead hits Allie with a body slam and 3 straight suplexes to finish her off for the easy 1, 2, 3 pin.

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 06:21
Filesize: 186 MB
Format: wmv