597: Allie & Violet vs Holidead & Thunder Rosa
Perfect contrast of good vs bad here, as the bubbly good girl team of Allie Parker and Violet Payne, decked out in all white, takes on the menacing bad girl team of Thunder Rosa and Holidead, decked out in all black. Holidead and Thunder Rosa have proven here at their first NEFW shoot that they are both forces to be dealt with, and together here in this match they look unstoppable. They completely dismantle the pretty little good girls in their white one pieces, and stay in control of the action for the entire match. Allie takes the brunt of the attack early as Holidead and Rosa take turns putting the hurt on her, and even use some illegal double teaming as well. And when Allie is able to make the tag, her partner Violet does not fare any better. Referee Jen Thomas does her best to try and control the action, but she really has her hands full in this one. Eventually all 4 girls are in the ring, which isn’t a good sign for our girls in white, as they are whipped into each other, and immediately scooped up and body slammed in unison. Jen then counts, as both girls hook the legs for the pin and the easy 3 count victory.

Price: $10.00
Runtime: 12:37
Filesize: 372 MB
Format: wmv