598: Gabi Castrovinci vs Santana Garrett
Gabi has been improving her skills every time she steps in the ring, in her still young wrestling career. Here she runs into a buzz saw in the form of Santana Garrett. Santana takes control right from the start and picks Gabi apart with sleeper holds, suplexes, back breakers, scissors, figure fours, and more. Gabi begs and pleads for Santana to ease up on her, but there is no chance that is going to work with Santana in the mood she is in. Santana drops Gabi to the canvas with a devastating pile driver, and is able to easily pin her for the win. But she is not satisfied, as she picks Gabi up and hits her with a second pile driver and pins her again for good measure, showing Gabi she is not ready to be in the ring with Santana.

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