599: Barbi Hayden vs Hania
Two NEFW fan favorites face off in this matchup. Both girls are very fit and strong, and as they lock up they go back and forth struggling to see who can get the upper hand. It appears to be a stalemate til Barbi knees Hania right in the gut, stopping her in her tracks. She shoves Hania outside the ring, and turns this wrestling match into an all-out brawl on the cement floor. She finds a referee shirt ringside and declares herself the referee for their match. She isn’t a very good ref though, as she lets herself get away with some less than legal actions including choking Hania, and the use of foreign objects as she slams Hania face first into the nearby steel chairs. Barbi takes pleasure in beating down the helpless Hania as she dominates her from post to post, slamming her into the walls, the ring and the chairs repeatedly until Hania has had too much and is forced to tap out.

Price: $10.00
Runtime: 08:00
Filesize: 235 MB
Format: wmv