615: Barbi Hayden vs Santana Garrett
From the start of this match, Barbi Hayden takes no chances with Santana, making sure Santana is down. Barbi knows just how athletic and technically sound Santana is so Barbi lights Santana up with kicks, ramming shoulders in Santana while in the turnbuckle and even grabs a tight bear hug after, squeezing the life out of poor Santana. The mission of this match, break Santana's back so there's no way for Santana to get up. From wringing fight out of Santana in the bear hug to charging her into another buckle from there, it's clear Barbi has a plan to ensure her victory and let out some aggression. As Santana grows more weary, Barbi ties Santana in body scissors, continuing to stretch Santana's back out. As Barbi is breaking Santana down, Santana still has fight, glimmering within her. Will that little light be able to withstand Barbi's wrath!?

Price: $20.00
Runtime: 19:35
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Format: wmv