618: Jordynne Grace vs Veda Scott
A silent, strong Jordynn is stretching peacefully before her match when Veda Scott runs in on the scene with the intent of stealing a win. Veda comes in with a hard rush of blows but clearly, Veda doesn't know what she's up against. Jordynn takes over and proceeds to beat down Veda Scott. Squeezing the life out of Veda isn't enough. Even though Veda taps, Jordynn waits for Veda to pass out, then pins her for the sufficient win. One win does not satisfy Jordynn, so she goes for the best of three falls with a dominant head start. Watch to see if Veda can come back and take the powerful Jordynn down!

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 06:35
Filesize: 181 MB
Format: mp4