621: Jenny Rose vs Jordynne Grace
Who does it better? From high leg stretches to push ups, these girls get ready for their match. A fierce start between both Jordynne and Jenny puts both girls at a fairly even back and forth. Jenny manages to reverse and fight out of Jordynne's heavy hitting and tight holding style. Though, Jordynne doesn't stop to take it in, she fights back and puts some serious boots to Jenny, choking her in the corner and going for a body scissor/sleeper hold. Once Jenny can get back on top, she whips Jordynne into the corner for a series of clotheslines to a beautiful snap suplex that tops off with a double leg Boston crab! Will Jordynne make it to a rope or tap? Will she be able to fight out of this high inclined submission?!

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 06:53
Filesize: 190 MB
Format: mp4