625: Cherry Bomb vs Christina Von Eerie
As Cherry hops up on the apron, CVE runs behind and strikes Cherry, pulling Cherry down and dragging her by her hair into the post and more. Once CVE throws Cherry in the ring, Cherry receives hard hair drags around and into the ropes and buckles. Cherry begs CVE to stop but no luck is had for Cherry Bomb. CVE locks in a full Nelson with her hands wrapped around Cherry's soft, highlighted hair waiting for Cherry to give up. When that doesn't work in CVE's favor, she wraps Cherry's hair around her own neck, choking Cherry! As soon as she can, Cherry makes a break for it but is dragged back in the ring. The torture continues...but to find out what happens next, click and watch now!

Price: $10.00
Runtime: 10:00
Filesize: 276 MB
Format: mp4