626: Christina Von Eerie vs Su Yung
Su Yung is anxiously in the ring, alone, stretching and preparing for her opponent. As Su checks herself in the mirror...there behind her...is DJ Hyde! Actually, it's a cardboard cut out of DJ, what's behind that is a very aggressive Christina Von Eerie! CVE grabs Su's hair and slams her down. Su fights back hard as CVE bends Su in painful pretzel-like shapes, but the beatings continue. CVE rips Su's pony tail out and hair drags Su. As CVE gets increasingly fed up with Su, she climbs the top rope with Su's hair in hand and jumps for one huge hair drag! Su survives! This leaves CVE no choice but to hit Su with a tombstone piledriver!

Price: $20.00
Runtime: 17:27
Filesize: 482 MB
Format: mp4