627: Cherry & Mia vs CVE & Veda
Cherry and Veda start this tag team matchup with sass, shenanigans and hair pulling chain wrestling techniques! After a swift basement dropkick by Veda, Cherry turns it around and hair pulls Veda to make the tag to Mia. Once these two start laying into Veda with chokes and heated cheating behind Taeler, the match spills to the outside with Mia stretching Veda in a high incline Boston crab! After all the hurt Mia and Cherry lay into Veda, she evades Mia for the hot tag to CVE. CVE runs mad on Mia and Cherry but suddenly, Taeler is in charge of trying to get a madhouse in order when everyone is drawing Taeler's attention at the same time! Veda runs in for a pin that clearly could win but Taeler was still trying to regain order in the squared circle courthouse. Cherry takes down CVE and Mia takes out Veda, leaving CVE in a devastating Cattle Mutilation! Is this the end???

Price: $15.00
Runtime: 15:59
Filesize: 442 MB
Format: mp4