628: Chelsea Green vs Jack Action
Chelsea’s in ring warmups are rudely interrupted by Jack Action claiming he needs the ring for his activities and Chelsea needs to leave because he is a man and he deserves the ring. Chelsea just brushes him off but makes the mistake of turning her back to him, allow him to attack her from behind. He shows off his strength and superiority to Chelsea by scooping and slamming her to the mat, and also pressing her over his head with multiple gorilla presses. Chelsea pleads with Action to let her go change into her wrestling gear, and then they can have an actual match and restart the action. But even after Chelsea returns and they restart the match, Action is just too much for her, slamming her multiple times and posting her on the ring post. Chelsea tries to mount a comeback but it is short lived, as Action just takes right over after she tries a pin attempt. He uses moves like single leg crabs, and a tree of woe, while standing on Chelsea crotch to weaken her even more. And after a couple more gorilla presses he mercifully decides to end the match, leaving Chelsea beaten and broken in the ring.

Price: $20.00
Runtime: 17:36
Filesize: 520 MB
Format: wmv