637: Toni Storm vs Viper
More action from our overseas shoot as Toni Storm locks up with the mighty Viper. Viper cuts off Toni before they can even lock up with a rake to the eyes, and unfortunately for Toni, Viper never lets up from that point on. She dominates Toni is this one-sided squash match, and just simply has her way with her smaller opponent. Without a referee there is nobody to stop Viper from dragging Toni around the ring by her blonde hair, and choking her on the ropes or with her boot or just with her bare hands. She nails Toni with big punches to the skull, stomps, back rakes, multiple camel clutches, low blows and more. The outcome of this match is never in question as the Aussie was dominated right from the start, til she was tossed out of the ring.

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 07:28
Filesize: 246 MB
Format: mp4