638: Shanna vs Toni Storm
Shanna is making her way to the ring for her next match when she stumbles upon her opponent, Toni Storm, in a heap on the floor, still writhing in pain from her previous match. Ever the opportunist, Shanna decides instead of letting her opponent rest up and prepare for their match, she is going to start the match right now. She splashes some of her water on Toni’s face to “help” wake her up, only to then ram her face first into the ring apron. Shanna adds in some swift kicks to Toni’s ribcage for good measure, and follows those up by ramming Toni face first into the ring post, before tossing her in the ring. Adding insult to injury, Shanna grabs Toni by her hair and walks her around the ring on all fours before continuing her attacks. She utilizes the ropes to her advantage, wrapping Toni’s hair around the ropes and pulling as hard as she can. With no referee to stop her, Shanna determines on her own when she is done beating down Toni and locks her in a single leg Boston crab until Toni passes out from the pain.

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Runtime: 09:33
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