639: Shanna vs Viper
After seeing the way Viper demolished Toni in an earlier match, Shanna decides to try and get the upper hand early as she sneak attacks Viper from behind as she is climbing in the ring. Shanna relentlessly attacks Viper on the outside, slamming her head first into the ring apron, the ring post, and a nearby chair. But once in the ring, Shanna starts to gloat and lets her guard down just enough for Viper to hit her with a low blow uppercut. And that small mistake by Shanna proves to be her downfall as Viper takes control and never lets up. She pounds Shanna with punches, stomps and headbutts, all mixed in with choking, hair pulling and more. Viper squishes Shanna with a powerful full body splash in the corner that almost puts Shanna out for her. But the finish comes after 5 straight knee raises to Shanna’s chin, the last one of which knocks her out cold.

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 07:09
Filesize: 236 MB
Format: mp4