643: Toni Storm vs Viper
In what has become quite the budding rivalry Toni Storm and Viper face off yet again, this time in a best 2 out of 3 falls match. From the start you can tell these two have become familiar with each other as they trade holds back and forth trying to gain the upper hand on their opponent. Viper is finally able to gain an advantage after connecting with a solid forearm to Toni’s jaw. After pounding Toni to the mat with a couple more shots, Viper locks in a painful Boston crab that has Toni tapping out quickly, giving Viper the first fall. As Toni is recovering Viper decides to go in for the kill going for a clothesline but Toni reverses it into an armbar that makes Viper feverishly tap out, giving the second fall to Toni. After lightning fast back to back falls, we are on to the third and deciding fall now and it is anybody’s match at this point. Will Toni be able to capitalize on her quick momentum turn to take the third fall? Or will Viper assert her dominance and claim the third fall and victory for herself?

Price: $15.00
Runtime: 15:06
Filesize: 500 MB
Format: mp4