645: Cheerleader Melissa vs Taya Valkyrie
With possibly the most anticipated debut in NEFW history, Cheerleader Melissa steps into the NEFW ring for the very first time here in a match against the always dangerous Taya Valkyrie. There seems to be some bad blood between these two already before they even lock up, as if they have faced off against each other before, maybe in a mysterious temple somewhere who knows. But anyways, the action starts off with the girls going back and forth with neither girl able to gain the advantage early on. Taya is able to get Melissa into the corner, and nails her with her trademark double knee stomp, but Melissa kicks out. Taya goes for the knees again, but instead Melissa gives her a drop toe hold sending her face first into the bottom turnbuckle. From there Melissa shows off what she does best, inflicting pain on her opponent. Melissa starts wearing down Taya with moves like a crossface, a variation of an Indian deathlock, a single leg Boston crab, a sleeper hold and many more. Taya is no slouch though, so she is not going to go down without a fight. Does she have enough left in her to pull out the win? Or will she just become another victim to Melissa’s devastating Air Raid Crash?

Price: $10.00
Runtime: 10:46
Filesize: 317 MB
Format: wmv