648: Cheerleader Melissa vs Ivelisse
Who’s not a fan of a good old-fashioned arm wrestling match? What Ivelisse gives up in the size department she more than makes up for in heart and tenacity. So there is no way she was going to back down from the bigger Melissa. But that over-sized heart may have been her downfall in this one, as she refuses to kiss Melissa’s bicep after losing the arm wrestling match, and Melissa makes her pay for it. Melissa visciously wails on Ivelisse, breaking her down until there is nothing left and she can easily scoop her up and nail Ivelisse with the Air Raid Crash for the easy win. But just the win is not enough, as Melissa still forces Ivelisse to reluctantly kiss her bicep before she is done with her.

Price: $20.00
Runtime: 17:19
Filesize: 512 MB
Format: wmv