650: Ivelisse vs Taya Valkyrie
Taya Valkyrie decides to take some time in the ring to film herself for her documentary she is working on. This doesn’t sit well with Ivelisse who decides she wants to teach Taya a lesson. However that lesson backfires when her attacks have no effect on Taya, and the Wera Loca takes the attack to Ivelisse. Taya enjoys inflicting pain on Ivelisse, taking the time while she has her in submission holds to break out her phone so she can continue filming herself and her victim. Taya in fact never even pins Ivelisse after she has her pretty much knocked out. Instead she carries Ivelisse out of the ring and out of the building as she laughs to herself.

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 06:01
Filesize: 176 MB
Format: wmv