653: Santana Garrett vs Taya Valkyrie
Two of the biggest stars in women's wrestling today clash in this match as Santana Garrett takes on Taya Valkyrie. After a quick exchange to start off, Santana takes control locking Taya in an ab stretch, then transitioning to a full nelson. Taya is able to power out of the full nelson though, and takes over bringing the action to Santana. Taya works Santana over with moves like multiple attacks on her abs, a camel clutch, Boston crab, body scissors, sharpshooter and more. Santana tries several times to mount a comeback, but each time she is cut off by Taya knocking her back down to the mat. Does the red, white and blue clad Santana have enough in the tank to attempt another comeback? Or will Taya be able to pick up the easy win?

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Runtime: 12:56
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