656: Mia Yim vs Marti Belle
Mia doesn’t look impressed as her opponent Marti Belle warms up and stretches before their match. Mia laughs at Marti thinking she is strong, so she challenges her to a test of strength to start the match. Marti is not match as Mia easily overpowers her and takes control of the match. Mia shows off her technical prowess as she transitions from submission hold to submission hold, wearing down Marti Belle with moves like bearhug, camel clutch, dragon sleeper, Boston crab and more. After inflicting some punishment outside of the ring, Mia decides to show off her strength by easily lifting and slamming Marti twice in a row. Then follows that up with a chokeslam. But Mia is not done until she drills Marti with her patented package piledriver, that knocks Marti out cold.

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Runtime: 10:41
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