667: Jordynne Grace vs Maria Manic
Jordynne Grace and Maria Manic lock up here in a battle of the power houses. Both girls can pretty much over power any girl on the NEFW roster, but in this one it appears that Maria may not have come prepared for this match. Jordynne takes it to her right from the start with moves like multiple body slams, bearhug, suplex, leg drops, ddt, an otk back breaker and more. Maria doesn’t get any offense in, but also doesn’t give up easily, as she is able to kick out of not one, but two piledrivers. Much to Jordynne’s surprise. But a third and final piledriver is the nail in the coffin, as Jordynne folds Maria up with a matchbook pin and gets the 3 count.

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 07:56
Filesize: 233 MB
Format: wmv