669: Alexis Rose vs Barbi Hayden
Barbi isn’t looking to relinquish her title, especially to some girl from across the pond, Alexis Rose. But Alexis is not too impressed by Barbi and is able to sneak attack her with a kick to her back to start things off. She gets Barbi on the mat and continues her attack on the Texan’s lower back with multiple hard stomps. She continues targeting Barbi’s back by locking on a painful Boston crab, and follows up that with a neck wrenching chin lock, with her knee pressed into Barbi’s back. Barbi definitely underestimated the ferocity of her opponent, as Alexis is merciless in her assault. All this punishment to Barbi’s back leads to a breath-stealing reverse bearhug, that eventually knocks Barbi out cold. Allowing Alexis to leave with Barbi’s previous title.

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 04:54
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Format: wmv