671: Kiera Hogan vs Santana Garrett
Right from the start it appears that the referee, Chelsea Green, may already be showing some favoritism towards her friend and sometimes tag partner Santana Garrett. But Kiera Hogan does not let that get to her as she comes out fast and gets an early edge on Santana. But as the momentum swings and Santana starts taking control it is even more apparent that Chelsea is in Santana’s corner as she attempts a fast count on Kiera, “forgetting” to count when Kiera goes for a pin, and also doesn’t force Santana to break a submission hold when Kiera is clearly grabbing the ropes. And to top it all off, when it looks like Kiera might have Santana finished off, Chelsea blocks her from going off the top rope, allowing Santana to recover and then helps Santana deliver a devastating double-team spike piledriver to put Kiera out, and give Santana the win.

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