674: Aria Blake vs Kaci Lennox
Another debut from our Wrestlemania weekend shoot is Florida native, Kaci Lennox. Kaci is in the ring praising Aria Blake for how great Kaci think she is, and asks Aria to help train her. Aria agrees and starts off by showing Kaci how to apply a camel clutch, and making sure Kaci really feels it by wrenching it in really tights. But when Kaci tries, and does the same to Aria, Aria is none too pleased and decides to teach this new girl a lesson. She knocks Kaci down to the mat and shows her what holds feel like when they are really applied tight, as she locks on several submissions like surfboards, bow and arrow, dragon sleeper and more. But this rookie is either a very fast learner, and was leading Aria on a bit by asking for training, because she is able to fight back and lock on some submissions of her own, and actually forces Aria to submit.

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