676: Cheerleader Melissa vs Malia Hosaka
The legendary veteran Malia Hosaka makes her NEFW debut as she goes up against a very formidable opponent in Cheerleader Melissa. Malia takes control early after an eye rake that the referee misses, followed up by several chops to the throat, and some choking on the ropes. Malia controls the majority of the action with moves and holds like a single leg Boston cra, back rake, hair pulling, ab claw, figure four, elevated bow and arrow, nerve pinch, figure four head scissor and more. Any time Melissa mounts a comeback she is cutoff by some underhanded tactics by Malia like an eye rake or hair pull. You can never count out Melissa, but does she have enough in the tank to make a big comeback and steal this match? Or will Malia’s underhanded tactics be too much for Melissa to overcome?

Price: $15.00
Runtime: 13:11
Filesize: 389 MB
Format: wmv