680: Alexxis Nevaeh vs Barbi Hayden
Alexxis comes at Barbi hot! Into the buckle Barbi goes and here comes a wild array of stink faces from Alexxis! Barbi isn't sweet on the flavor and whips around on Alexxis, stink faces returned and takes Alexxis by the hair. Hair fighting begins when Barbi wraps Alexxis hair around the rope and bends Alexxis in all kinds of shapes. Alexxis wails in pain as Barbi takes liberties with no referee around and drags Alexxis by the hair. Alexxis pleads for Barbi to stop, but is this a ploy to turn things around on Barbi?! Click to watch!

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 07:45
Filesize: 228 MB
Format: wmv