681: Alexxis Nevaeh vs Chelsea Green
Chelsea is still passed out from a previous match when Alexxis finds her. Alexxis sees how badly kept Chelsea's hair is kept and it infuriates Alexxis so much she takes Chelsea to town on the nearest buckle! Whipping Chelsea around by the hair, Alexxis can't control her rage and runs Chelsea's head down to meet Alexxis' knee. With no stopping Alexxis, Chelsea gets her face rubbed in the mat and her toes bent over the bottom rope! Alexxis exploits Chelsea's exposed feet for added pain! Chelsea tries to get away but Alexxis just gets more crazy on Chelsea, wrapping Chelsea's arms backwards over the bottom rope demanding Chelsea apologizes for being ratchet. What else could Chelsea take?!

Price: $20.00
Runtime: 18:25
Filesize: 544 MB
Format: wmv