683: Barbi Hayden vs Katie Forbes
Barbi stops Katie immediately and body slams Katie. Who is this new girl Katie Forbes!? Barbi wants to let her know what's what with a killer DDT, but twice now, Katie kicks out. Maddened by this, Barbi rolls out of the ring with Katie and rams Katie into the wall. Now for apron slams and standing on Katie's throat! Banging Katie around the outside seems like Barbi's new favorite pastime but eventually we return to the ring for Barbi's killer reverse bear hug. Slowly this is killing Katie's waist, but more so in the abdominal stretch. As if how many instagram followers Katie has matters to Barbi, Barbi sweeps the pin just for Katie's IG followers because Barbi is #AlwaysWinning

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Runtime: 08:27
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