693: Maria Manic vs Renee Michelle
The rules of this match are as follows! Renee and Maria need to lock each other in a buckle for a five count to score points. The one with the most points win! Lock up and push into the buckle, a point for Renee! Maria chokes Renee and throws her to a buckle to hold Renee there with her foot. Maria gains a point by choking Renee out. The fun doesn't stop here when Maria gets cheeky and throws Renee in a different buckle and hits her with a hipcheck and a stink face. When Renee takes control, she kicks Maria around the ring as chokes Maria on the ropes. The score is close, but who gets majority points!? Find out now!

Price: $15.00
Runtime: 15:16
Filesize: 451 MB
Format: wmv