695: Jordynne Grace vs 4
Jordynne issues an open challenge to wrestle at NEFW! Chelsea Green quickly hops in and volunteers as referee with the bet that Jordynne won't win. Renee Michelle steps up against Jordynne for a swift defeat! Penelope jumps in to battle Jordynne while Jordynne slides Renee's unconscious body to the side. Huge tombstone delivered to the fiery Penelope and another win for Jordynne! Who's next? Brittney Blake with a laser sharp drop kick on Jordynne! There's a chance for Brittney to take down Jordynne but alas, the power of Jordynne Grace dominates again! After Brittney Blake suffers a similar tombstone fate to the others, Helen Vale comes in for a chance to slay the Beautiful Beast. When Jordynen is out of gutsy opponents, who remains!? The wreckage is real, the multiple tombstones are devastating, and the body count is high! Click to watch!

Price: $10.00
Runtime: 08:48
Filesize: 257 MB
Format: wmv