698: Alexxis Nevaeh vs Luscious Latasha
Frienemies reunite in the NEFW ring! Once Alexxis begins insulting Latasha, Latasha strikes back, literally. Latasha is so taken aback by Alexxis that she can't help but throw knees at her stomach, her face in the turnbuckle and her body into the mat. Alexxis won't say sorry and won't give up. This causes Latasha to smash Alexxis till she's down, choke Alexxis in the ropes, on the mat and in the corners. Frienemies turns clear into enemies with such wild hostility towards Alexxis. Latasha tries to make Alexxis give up in a single leg Crab and is successful! Now to get Alexxis to say all the things Latasha must hear to let Alexxis out of this insanely tight hold!

Price: $10.00
Runtime: 10:37
Filesize: 313 MB
Format: wmv