699: Barbi Hayden vs Katie Forbes
Barbi shoves Katie back into the corner right from the lock up. Barbi let's Katie know she can keep Katie here all day if she pleases, but quickly receives the return from Katie upon next collar and elbow tie up. Katie snap mares and whips Barbi into the next corner to pull Barbi's hair back. Making fun of Barbi while doing this isn't the proper method of playing with this Barbi. Barbi beals Katie and starts stomping on Katie's back. When lifting the Wonder Woman, Katie trips Barbi's leg and takes the opportunity to back bend Barbi by the roots over the top rope. Katie doesn't let Barbi go, just wraps Barbi's hair around the rope for extra pain. Now Barbi is pissed off. Barbi throws kicks at Katie till Katie falls in the corner and Barbi stands both feet on Katie's throat. The fight for who's best in show continues but will Katie's new approach beat Barbi's experience and fire, desire to win?!

Price: $10.00
Runtime: 10:06
Filesize: 298 MB
Format: wmv