703: Priscilla Kelly vs Vanity
Vanity issues an open challenge! Mid-speak Priscilla sneaks in and leaps on Vanity's back with an aggression to win! Vanity gets Priscilla off her but Priscilla doesn't waver. Hungry for blood, Priscilla lays in a buckle beat down on Vanity and bites her in the head! Watch devastating knees to the back of Vanity's head by the vicious Gypsy, Priscilla. Priscilla gives Vanity a "chance" but Vanity's response just angers Priscilla more! Methodical, diabolical and beautiful new Indy darling Priscilla Kelly brings you a match hot off the grill!

Price: $20.00
Runtime: 17:49
Filesize: 526 MB
Format: wmv