704: Jordynne Grace vs Penelope Ford
Penelope is warming up as Jordynne hops up to ask Penelope if she'd like to do a friendly two out of three falls. Penelope tries to warn Jordynne of the impending doom that lies ahead for Jordynne, then knees Jordynne down to lay in a DDT for the first fall! Jordynnee uses her undeniable power on the petite Penelope Ford, throwing her around. When Jordynne stretches Penelope in a torture rack, she has some fun and kicks Penelope in the head with her own foot! Jordynne feels forced to toss Penelope from pillar to post when Penelope doesn't stay down! Airplane spin in both directions by the Thick Mama Pump- Jordynne Grace followed by a Cesaro swing! Penelope twists in pain when a beautiful stall suplex is delivered. Penelope started with gumption, can she summon her reserves to overcome the challenge that is Jordynne Grace?!

Price: $15.00
Runtime: 15:01
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Format: wmv