705: LuFisto vs Penelope Ford
How perky is Penelope Ford before she gets slapped in the face by an enraged Lufisto!? Lufisto bends Penelope all the way back in a camel clutch like no other! There's no break for Penelope now, as Lufisto lays down the forearms to Penelope's back like she's chopping wood! The Boston crab that follows brings Penelope's feet right near her own head! Feast your eyes on Lufisto's submission range combined with a ferocious lack of tolerance for the soft! A back bend headlock from the corner is just about to break Penelope in half when Lufisto grows bored and moves to the next torture rack, literally! How can Penelope withstand this massive damage to her demure figure!? What else does Lufisto have in store?!

Price: $15.00
Runtime: 13:40
Filesize: 403 MB
Format: wmv