706: Brittany Blake vs Karleena Gore
Brittney wants a two out of three falls with the beautiful new referee of NEFW, Karleena Gore! After taunting enough, Brittney brings out some stellar hard hitting strikes and clotheslines from little miss referee. With urgency, Brittney loses the first fall and complains her tights were held. With no one to call it down the middle, we will have to keep the tally as so! Karleena takes off those white and black stripes for the advantage around Brittney's throat. Enough is enough for Brittney Blake and she takes Karleena down, beating her into a body scissors then slamming her head into each buckle of the ring! Clearly, Brittney is in line to pick up that next fall, until Karleena sweeps in and steals it! Before Brittney can fire up, she takes Soul Food right in the face and when she loses, Brittney actually loses it! The match is over, no one can save Karleena and Brittney is seeing red!

Price: $10.00
Runtime: 12:20
Filesize: 364 MB
Format: wmv