707: Kiera Hogan vs Maria Manic
Two out of three rounds match which needs to finish to finish in pin fall or submission in under five minutes by Maria or by default, Kiera wins the match! Maria's cockiness is in full bloom before these girls lock up. Kiera's trying to wrestle by the book but Maria doesn't seem to hold to the same standards. Maria has the power and size but resorts to clawing at Kiera for added insult. There isn't much time between rounds, so Kiera just has to survive the chokes and submissions cranked tight by Maria. First round goes to Maria with a tightly locked arm scissor on Kiera! Now that one body part is down, this next round goes to Kiera's leg! Five minutes on the clock, a shattered dreams kicked into Kiera and a very massive, muscular, Maria Manic. Click to enjoy!

Price: $20.00
Runtime: 18:56
Filesize: 559 MB
Format: wmv