718: Chelsea Green & Mia Yim vs Leva Bates
Leva tries to step up to Chelsea when Mia runs up behind Leva and takes her down! This two on one match has no scheduled one fall! Mia Yim stretches Leva's arms back while Chelsea taunts Leva. Leva gets thrown around and stepped on by both ladies for a rude awakening with a double - single leg crab! Leva doesn't give up here! A tandem strike party between Mia and Chelsea, trading Leva back and forth. When they grow tired of that, they tie Leva up in the ropes for kick trading! Leva tries to leave but the odds are against her. Leva isn't allowed to depart the beat down party but a package piledriver is waiting for her! Click to view the intense survival skills of Leva Bates!

Price: $7.00
Runtime: 7:30
Filesize: 220 MB
Format: wmv