720: Kiera Hogan vs LuFisto
Kiera and LuFisto lock up in a test of strength to start this match out, which proves to be a massive mistake for Kiera as LuFisto is easily able to overpower her. LuFisto takes control and keeps the pressure on Kiera the whole match long, with multiple submission holds, trying to get a submission out of Kiera. Throughout the match LuFisto stretches Kiera out with moves and holds like a strait jacket choke, camel clutch, Indian death lock, choking in the ropes, scissors, surgboard, Boston crab and more. Kiera is going to be feeling it after this match, and may need to take some time off to heal her sore body before climbing back in the ring again.

Price: $10.00
Runtime: 10:05
Filesize: 297 MB
Format: wmv