723: Barbi Hayden vs Cheerleader Melissa
We start off with Melissa laying it in on Barbi! No breath between punches until Barbi passes out! Melissa drags the unconscious Barbi into the center of the ring to lock on . When Melissa continues her beat down, she lives Barbi for a DVD when her back gives up! Barbi seizes the opportunity given to her and runs directly to Melissa to lay in the heat on Melissa’s freshly injured back. Stepping on Melissa, Barbi refreshes Melissa’s memory on what was said earlier about “doing this all day long” and plans to deliver the same love to Melissa. Click to watch Barbi and Melissa take their fight all around and outside the ring!

Price: $15.00
Runtime: 15:00
Filesize: 443 MB
Format: wmv