724: Allie Parker vs Amber O'Neal
This is a two out of three falls match! Allie offers Amber the spot to wrestle in this match and Amber gladly accepts after not having wrestled in a year. As long as Allie plays by the rules, Amber won’t leave. Allie takes Amber down to the mat forcing Amber into a split! Arm for arm these girls pull and stretch each other’s limbs, hanging on the rope, and slingshotting each arm. Allie puts Amber in an armbar and makes Amber tap! One fall is down! Amber won’t let this happen again so she immediately starts taking down Allie by the legs! These flexible, fun ladies want to win and we want to see how it goes down! Click now!

Price: $15.00
Runtime: 14:19
Filesize: 422 MB
Format: wmv