728: Allie Parker vs Heather Monroe
Heather is passed out on the mat and Allie wakes her up playing with Heather’s hair. Allie begins critiquing Heather for Heather’s previous short comings and blames Heather’s lack of extensions. Allie is picking a fight that Heather welcomes to prove that not only is she a better wrestler, but her golden locks are better than Allie’s. They start in guard position, pulling each other’s hair and slamming heads. Allie throws knees into Heather’s abs and stretches Heather with limbs tied and hair around the ropes for added insult to injury! One half of the Killer Baes will have to use some of her crafty skills to put this bratty Allie Parker in her place! Who has the better hair? Will Heather pass out from pain?!

Price: $20.00
Runtime: 19:39
Filesize: 580 MB
Format: wmv