729: Amber O'Neal vs Barbi Hayden
A test of strength between two Indy Darlings that seems to never break! Down to the mat they go, fingers laced, wills to win in place. Amber and Barbi roll, trying to break each other but they end up in a pinning sequence! Back on their feet, hand in hand they finally make a move that separates them. Barbi uses this to capitalize on Amber, kicking her down and slamming her head down into the mat. Barbi tries to launch Amber, but Amber shoves Barbi off and gets right on top of Barbi, pulling her arms nearly out of her body! Barbi spins Amber, airplane style and down Amber goes! When Barbi is pleading to not be disqualified for some misbehaving, Amber slides in and puts Barbi in a dragon sleeper. Will this be enough to win?!

Price: $10.00
Runtime: 12:28
Filesize: 368 MB
Format: wmv